The following terms apply to the use of the service FileCentral ("Service") provided by Braxo AB ("Braxo"). By using the Service you accept these terms. Braxo may revise the terms from time to time.

About the Service

By registering and verifying the e-mail address a user ("User") may create an account in the Service. This account can then be used to send files ("Files")to one or more recipients. Files are uploaded to the Service and a notification is sent to the recipient(s) including a link through which the file can be downloaded from a server hosted by Braxo. All information in the Service is stored on servers within the EU.

User responsibility

User files

All files sent by the User via the Service belong to the User. The User warrants that the User holds the necessary rights to possess and use the Files. Braxo will handle the Files as confidential information and claims no rights to the Files. For files containing personal data the User is considered the Data Controller and is responsible for assessing that the terms for the Service is in accordance with the requirements for the handling and transfer of the personal data.

Personal data

We respect the privacy of our users and never collect more user information than necessary to provide the service and related billing. We always treat personal data as confidential information.

When using subcontractors we ensure there is always a written Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place for each subcontractor.

All staff operating the service is trained in the handling and confidentiality of personal data.

Any security breach, or suspected breach, where personal data may have leaked will be reported to the relevant Swedish authority, Datainspektionen, within 72 hours.

Security and confidentiality

The service has been designed to maintain a reasonable security level for confidential data:

The Service is operated on equipment placed in data centers with adequate protection and access control within the EU. Only authorized staff can login to the servers used by the Service. Technical logs that may include personal data in the form of ip addressses and e-mail addresses are purged within 30 days.


A so called "cookie" is a piece of information sent to, and stored at, the User's computer when using the Service via the web browser. The web browser can be configured to not allow the use of cookies. However, Service functionality such as login depends on cookies in order to work properly. We do not use cookies to collect personal data.

Google Analytics

Braxo uses Google Analytics for measuring web traffic for the Service and this tool also uses cookies. Read more about the data Google collects and how it is used.


Braxo may send information related to the Service by e-mail to the User.


The User may terminate the account at any time whereby all information about the User and the User's files is deleted, with exception for what may be required by law. For paid accounts financial data is kept for the period required by Swedish law, 7 years.

Braxo may terminate free User accounts for users which have not logged in to the service during the last 365 days.

Braxo may terminate a User account without notice should the User fail to comply with these terms.


The Service is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind regarding its functionality or correctness. All use is at your own risk and you agree that Braxo will not be responsible for any damage that may arise from the use of the Service. Specifically the Service is not intended to be used as a file backup service and Braxo cannot be held reponsible for the loss of files or other data.