FileCentral Premium Inbox

Do you need to receive files from your customers? Do you want a simple upload page that matches the "look and feel" of your web site? FileCentral Premium Inbox may then be the perfect solution for you!

FileCentral Premium Inbox offers a powerful service for receiving files that can be customized to match your web site.

Sending very large files

In addition to the inbox functionality the Premium Inbox account allows you to send files up to 20 GB.

5 GB of inbox space... or more

The inbox comes with 5 GB of space as standard. Your customers just need to follow the link to your personal inbox and with a few clicks they can send you as many files as they like, as long as you have space available in your account. And no registration is needed.

The uploaded files will be available in your inbox for a maximum period of 3 months, as long as your inbox account is active.

Once a file has been uploaded, an email notification will let you know that a file is waiting for download on FileCentral's homepage. Of course, only you as the inbox owner will be able to download the file.

Customizable layout

You can brand your inbox directly in the FileCentral interface. You can upload your company's logotype, apply a style-sheet (CSS) and modify the texts which appear at each step of the file upload.

We recommend you start customizing your inbox by modifying the standard FileCentral Premium Inbox CSS.

If you need help in creating a style-sheet that suits your need, we can help at a one-time fee. Please contact us for more information.

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