Frequently Asked Questions

What is FileCentral?

FileCentral is a service from Braxo AB offering an easy way to send files that are too large to send by e-mail. All files are stored encrypted and on servers within the European Union.

Why should I use FileCentral?

E-mail servers often do not allow sending very big attachments. A file larger than 10-20 MB is likely to bounce back to the sender. To send large files, it has been necessary to set up FTP accounts which require extra work and knowledge. Not to mention that firewalls may block FTP traffic.

FileCentral allows you to send large file easily without the need for extra servers. Also, the files will be removed from your account automatically at their expiration date.

How much does FileCentral cost?

We provide this service free of charge. Professional users may want to upgrade to get access to our business or inbox service.

You can compare our services to see which suits your needs.

Which browsers are supported?

All modern browsers should work.

If you experience any problems do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to solve it.

Does FileCentral work on Mac?

Yes, it does.

Do I need to upload my file again to send it to a new recipient?

No, you don't! Visit your history page and click on "Add a new recipient" next to the file that you want to resend. Of course, you can add recipients only to those files which are still active.

I didn't receive any e-mail notification. How do I download my file?

Although FileCentral tries to send mails which do not look like spam, some spam filters may still block the notifications. If the sender provides you with a download code, you can still download your file by entering the code on the download page.

Is it possible to brand my FileCentral Inbox?

Yes, we offer the possibility to brand your FileCentral Inbox. You can upload your own logotype, stylesheet (css) and also change the texts when logged on to your account.